Collecting Baseball Autographs

baseball autographsBaseball fans have always been fascinated by signatures of great players. Memories spent with true greatness are always evoked instantly by an autograph. A room filled with baseball autographs instantly becomes a "magic" room. This strange room "pulls in" any fan of the game and it "starts" interesting conversations every time friends visit.

The value of a baseball autograph depends on a number of factors. First, if a player was featured in the respective game's hall of fame, then the memorabilia autographed by such a player assumes a high value. This is why the value of baseball autograph of icons such as Babe Ruth or Tee Cobb will carry a higher value. Many baseball fans know for a fact that a modern day stamped signature baseball like the Babe Ruth 100th anniversary commemorative baseball of between 1895 and 1995 is worth about $5 - $10 in its original box and near mint condition.

How to Determine Value

Most ardent fans are always curious about the current value of their baseball autograph collection. In the same way, football fans would also be interested in finding out the value of their football autographs. However, there is no clear way of determining the worth of an autographed ball. It all depends on how much it really matters to those fans. However, they could get some idea of the value by going a little deep into the specific factors. For instance, if he or she possesses a baseball or football that was signed in front of his eyes by his very own favorite player, then it would carry more value in his eyes. If the same autographed ball was a gift to him by his best friend who had the privilege of meeting the player and got the ball signed off on his behalf, then he might probably rate it a little lower than if he had met the player himself.

While determining the value of a baseball autograph, its condition matters. If a fan got an autographed baseball from, say Derek Jeter, and the ball was in a good, clean shape, it would obviously carry more weight. Needless to say, the value of a dirty and abrasive ball is lower. In conclusion, all baseball or football autographs do not necessarily carry the same value.

Another factor to consider is the background of the autographed ball. One ball may be from a pre season game or it may be the ball used to play in one of the crucial tournaments or even the final match of any game. In such a case, when a fan has different balls autographed during different occasions, the value of each baseball or football autographs will be estimated differently depending on the event. Thus, these many finer details end up determining the worth of football or baseball autograph.

Figuring out the value of a baseball autograph requires skills. Gathering and estimating football autograph values or other sports memorabilia is interesting because of all the various considerations put in place.

Collecting autographed sports memorabilia is a great hobby. However, it is not advisable to trade these collectibles in for cash or kind because it is not easy to estimate the value of a baseball autograph or football autograph. Moreover, signatures can be forged at ease and the story behind an autographed ball might be false.